The growth in the use and applicability of enterprise software tools has left many business users in an interesting conundrum. While the solutions are well tailored to create efficiencies through automation of manual activity, the data created throughout this process often sits on the shelf underutilized. Today’s savviest decision makers crave analytical capability that enables them to capture more relevant information, apply their own domain specific expertise to ask smarter questions of that information, and generate new business insights based on its timely analysis. While there are a variety of methods to supply end-users with business intelligence (BI) and analytical capabilities, many are looking for these tools to be embedded or integrated into existing software applications in order to bolster the industry or job role specific capabilities of those familiar tools.

The Webcast illustrated how Best-in-Class companies leverage strategies for embedded BI in order to exploit the widespread nature of their existing toolsets, equip more business users with analytical firepower, and ultimately drive substantial business performance improvements as a result.