TriCore Reference Laboratories purchased Rhodes Group in 2015, bringing together software, clinical, financial, and operational expertise to help laboratories succeed in today’s complex healthcare environment. The company’s use, selection, and implementation of HealthShare extends the work TriCore is doing to improve diagnosis and treatment quality and efficiency while reducing the rising cost of care.

As they pivot to the Laboratory 2.0 concept — in which laboratories go from pay-per-service to more value-added approaches — the Rhodes Group is working to outfit their customers with scalable solutions that grow with the increased data demands. They will be using InterSystems technology to build cloud-native, scalable applications that enable machine learning and artificial intelligence, especially on the health of populations their laboratory customers serve. Learn about how they’re leveraging the very latest InterSystems technologies to usher in a whole new era for laboratories and healthcare overall.

Presented at InterSystems Global Summit 2018 by Sam Merkouriou, President, Rhodes Group and Steve Ayer, Chief Information Officer, TriCore Reference Laboratories