Time Cost Solutions' ORCA Financial

ORCA Financial is a complete financial management system developed by Timecost Solutions, a leading New Zealand developer of financial management software, and was built on the InterSystems CACHÉ® high performance object database.

InterSystems DeepSee Adds Real-time BusinessIntelligence Capabilities to Timecost Solutions’ ORCA Financial ApplicationTo offer additional value to its clients and to compete more effectively, Timecost Solutions made the decision to enhance the ORCA Financial application by embedding InterSystems DeepSee™ business intelligence software. DeepSee makes it possible to embed real-time business intelligence in transactional applications, enabling better operational decisions.

The real-time business intelligence capabilities of DeepSee help Timecost Solutions’ clients identify business problems and opportunities more accurately and quickly. “DeepSee provides a value-added edge that makes our software more marketable,” said Timecost Solutions’Managing Director, Colleen George.

“The use of DeepSee with ORCA Financial has enabled us to provide our clients with business intelligence that is real-time, user friendly and actionable,” she said. “We can now offer more value to clients than our competitors while playing a more strategic role in their businesses.”

Providing Business Intelligence with Improved Speed and Cost-Effectiveness

Key Benefits

  • Provide real-time business intelligence quickly and cost effectively
  • Offer additional value to clients and compete more effectively
  • Help clients quickly identify business problems and opportunities

Embedding DeepSee improves the speed and cost-effectiveness with which Timecost Solutions can provide business intelligence capabilities to its clients. DeepSee is quick and easy to configure with no additional systems requirements. No data warehouse is required,which minimizes upfront consulting and implementation costs.

DeepSee’s ability to run business intelligence queries against live transactional data also keeps Timecost Solutions’ support costs to a minimum. “With DeepSee, you don’t have to extract the data, which means there are no issues with data integrity. That makes it a lot simpler, and easier to support.”

ORCA Financial Client Reaps Benefits of Embedded Business Intelligence

Peter McInnes, a Newcastle Australia-based kitchenwares distributor, has already benefited from ORCA Financial’s embedded business intelligence capabilities. The company has increased its revenues following Timecost’s implementation of dashboards based on DeepSee, providing the management team with access to up-to-date key performance indicators relating to sales.

DeepSee provides a value-addededge that makes our softwaremore marketable.

Colleen George, Managing Director
Timecost Solutions

DeepSee allows Peter McInnes to drilldown deeply into operational data withinORCA Financial. This gives the distributor theability to perform real-time, detailed salesanalysis and to respond quickly to changes inthe business while working more strategicallywith the retailers it supplies. For example,Peter McInnes can help retailers improvetheir revenues by identifying the bestproducts to sell. “We are now seeing moresales with less effort required from our salesrepresentatives,” said Peter McInnes’ GeneralManager, Alan Coupe.

“The data has been there all the time, butwe now have more flexibility in reportingbecause of DeepSee,” said Alan Coupe. “Wecan now group related accounts togetherwhen supplying a franchise or a group ofstores and look at them as a single unit to seewhat they are contributing to the business.We can then give that franchise or group abreakdown of the stock they are buying,including which stores are buying what stock,see where there are holes and work withthem to drive additional sales.”