Care Coordination’s Game Plan

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Care Coordination’s Game Plan: A shared health information platform makes for effective teamwork

A shared health information platform makes for effective teamwork

Professional football coaches spend many hours on offensive, defensive and special- team strategies, wrapped into an overall game plan that accounts for every contingency. Military leaders coordinate battle plans across multiple fronts and forces and consult intelligence to help them deploy resources most effectively. Directors, conductors and choreographers take performers through endless rehearsals to ensure a flawless, coordinated presentation.

Yet the management of care for complex, long-term health conditions is typically delegated to the patient, who is often already overwhelmed by disease challenges. That care is delivered piecemeal by individual providers with limited visibility to one another. The result: inefficiency, poor outcomes, unsustainable costs, and frustrated patients, providers and families.

Today’s value-based care model under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is changing that approach. With compensation tied to patient outcomes, primary care physicians and specialists are more motivated to manage care collaboratively, which has been shown to produce positive patient outcomes.

These providers are shifting healthcare from an individual to a team sport; creating a game plan in which everyone is well informed, understands their roles, and can leverage available resources and react quickly to deviations.

This kind of shift isn’t easy. It takes vision, tenacity, commitment, and some trial and error. It also takes an underlying IT foundation to bolster plans and the care teams behind them.

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Care Coordination’s Game Plan: A shared health information platform makes for effective teamwork