photo-brazil-p6Agência de Tecnologia da Informação de Pernambuco (ATI), the organization responsible for planning, coordinating and executing IT programs for the government in the state of Pernambuco in Brazil, used the rapid integration capabilities of Ensemble to implement a government resource planning (GRP) system.

Requirements included ease of use and application and data integration with the taxes administration system, the services administration integrated system, the financial administration integrated system, and the human resources and payroll administration system; and the processing of the payroll records for 190,000 employees. The first priority was to create an electronic bidding system, with the goal of making the relationships between the government and its thousands of suppliers more transparent and purchasing processes more agile, and to improve control of expenses.

Integration with Ensemble has reduced costs and given us better operational control.

João Corte, CIO

ATI evaluated several integration platforms and chose Ensemble, based on its rapid and powerful integration capabilities and the rich functionality a project of this scope required. The electronic bidding system served as the proof-of-concept project, which required the merging of purchase order and materials administration systems.

As part of the project, ATI needed to integrate a Visual Basic/SQL Server application running on Windows 2000 with a Natural/ADABAS IBM mainframe-based application. “InterSystems proposed a 15-day project,” said João Corte, CIO of ATI. “We were very skeptical about this timetable,” he continues, “and didn’t believe the project could be completed so quickly.”

InterSystems executed the project in 15 days as scheduled, exceeding expectations and demonstrating that Ensemble could create the type of integrated management information system ATI wanted. ATI completed the full GRP solution three months later. “Integration with Ensemble has reduced costs and given us better operational control,” notes Corte.