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Operational and Analytics Workloads on a Unified Data Platform

Modern Applications Require a Modern Database

As the technology landscape evolves, organizations struggle with addressing the needs of modern applications. One reason for this is that organizations continue to leverage traditional database infrastructures, even force-fitting modern applications into an RDBMS due to familiarity or internal mandate. This leads to headaches for DBAs who are then stuck with managing independent physical infrastructures for each application, while also struggling to meet the performance, scalability, and flexibility requirements of many of these modern applications. In fact, ESG recently surveyed more than 350 IT and business professionals across enterprise and midmarket organizations familiar with their organization’s current database environment and asked them about the top challenges with their current database deployments and infrastructure. Unsurprisingly, the top two most-cited challenges were managing data growth and database size (48%), and meeting database performance requirements (35%).

These challenges are compounded by the large number of production databases deployed within a single organization that are a mix of RDBMS and NoSQL. In fact, ESG research shows that 38% of respondents report that they have between 25 and 100 unique database instances, while another 20% have over 100. The infrastructure cost alone must be alarmingly high, never mind the impressive feat of managing all of them and being able to respond to an issue when something goes wrong. As such, database consolidation and modernization initiatives are well underway, with 50% of organizations currently consolidating their database infrastructures and another 25% planning to do so over the next 12 months. And during these efforts, it is essential for organizations to understand how their existing mission-critical databases fit into their plans.

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