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PULSEcast Ep. 2 - Kathleen Aller: Demystifying the Decentralization of Care

patient using a healthcare app on their tablet

Every day, a phenomenon is gaining momentum across the healthcare continuum: the decentralization of care. From telemedicine to mHealth apps and even wearables, we see this trend permeate the industry in many forms. But the key point to understand is that decentralization means healthcare is changing in an unprecedented way—it’s moving outside the hospital walls.

While decentralization of care represents new possibilities for patients and startups, many care professionals feel that it poses serious challenges for clinicians and health systems. But for those willing to confront that challenge, this evolution could represent a powerful competitive advantage and a chance to provide superior patient-centered care.

To explore this mounting challenge and its requisite opportunities, we’re joined by Kathleen Aller on this episode of InterSystems PULSEcast. Aller heads up healthcare market strategy for InterSystems—a career where maintaining success means keeping a steady eye on the future and finger on the pulse of the most forward-thinking organizations today.

Tune into this episode of InterSystems PULSEcast to hear Aller discuss the ideas behind the decentralization of care, explore what it means for enterprising healthcare organizations, and spotlight strategies that can help you use this incredible moment to your advantage.


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Jack Murtha is a digital storyteller who specializes in the intersection of healthcare and technology. Connect with Jack on Twitter.



Tom Castles

Amid relentless hype, Tom Castles is drawn to those who take relentless action. For more than a decade, he has made a living helping action-oriented people and institutions craft their stories and build strategies that position them to earn the attention they deserve—all in the name of progress toward a more equitable world. Want to catch up? Connect with Tom on Twitter.

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