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Successful clinical transformation brings together providers, payers and patients to form a collaborative care team, united by shared information.

When Patient Activation Measure levels change, health outcomes tend to change in the same direction, and costs follow*

If every clinician could spend an hour with every patient, every time, we might not need patient engagement products. But the reality is, time is limited. The challenge is how to use technology to amplify what time clinicians have for each patient, and the time that a patient or family member chooses to spend managing care.


A 2016 New England Journal of Medicine survey1 of clinicians and executives shows more than half citing either shared decision-making or more time spent with patients as keys to more effective patient engagement initiatives.



Supporting Better Communication Between Patients and Clinicians

Patient engagement includes giving patients access to their health information. But the ultimate goal is to build more effective partnerships between clinicians and patients, between the health system and its customers.


HealthShare Personal Community: A Patient Engagement Solution Clinicians Will Want to Recommend

The biggest supporters of patient engagement technology should be clinicians who encourage patients to use it. But in general they don’t, because most patient engagement products fall short. They can’t bring in data from all care settings and keep it fresh. The incomplete health record hinders a smoothly working, time-efficient clinician-patient relationship.

What Sets Personal Community Apart

HealthShare Personal Community is not tethered to a single electronic health record.

Personal Community makes all the information in the comprehensive, shared HealthShare patient record available to patients and their designated representatives. This is the same record used by the patient’s entire care team, presented in a patient-friendly format.

It lets patients contribute documents and data to their own record, facilitates communication with caregivers, and provides services such as appointment requests, prescription refills, and patient education.

Having one single point of access that spans the entire care continuum is the key to patient engagement success.

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