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Mergers and Partnerships

Mergers. Joint ventures. Alliances. Whatever the new business relationship, you can derive value from it sooner when you have visibility into all the relevant information. With HealthShare’s unified care record, you can deliver a complete and consistent view of information before, during, and after the business change, no matter how many data sources you need to integrate.

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Data-Driven Clinical Process Redesign

Gain the power you need for process transformation by combining clinical data, claims, and social determinants of health with real-time analytics and data visualization. You can re-imagine care with patients as full partners, virtual teams in constant communication, and the digital intelligence to direct scarce resources to the right uses.

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Knowledge Discovery

The building blocks of the future – new diagnostics, new therapies, new understandings of disease processes, and more effective engagement strategies – depend on data. We need the real-world evidence of what works to complement clinical trials and support after-market surveillance. We need massive, normalized, data sets to feed machine learning and drive the artificial intelligence that holds so much promise. We need HealthShare to aggregate, cleanse, and prepare the data that drives the insights.

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