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The Information Sharing Imperative

Effective and meaningful health information sharing, whether for payers, within a hospital, or across an entire region, is the foundation for improving the quality, accessibility and efficiency of healthcare around the world. Yet bringing the right information to the right people at the right time remains an elusive goal for most healthcare organizations.

Meaningful Information Sharing

With HealthShare Information Exchange, your organization can:

  • Gain access to complete patient records, including clinical events from all members of the care team, information from the patient’s current and previous insurance companies, and the patient’s own personal health data such as diet and fitness. The entire patient record is available on demand and presented clearly.
  • Reduce costs using near real-time clinical data to augment coordinated care management, enhance and automate business processes and contractual compliance, avoid costly readmissions, and improve reporting on key performance indicators.
  • Receive proactive care notifications to improve care and avoid costly adverse events. Providers can configure notifications based on events that put a patient at risk, require care coordination, or indicate gaps in care.
  • Gain visibility into an entire population to improve care. Aggregated and normalized access to all of the data can be used to manage population health, for performance measurement and, for greatest benefit, served up for analysis by optional HealthShare Health Insight or third-party analytics software.
  • Respect patient privacy and control by giving consent only to the appropriate providers. With granular consent controls, sensitive data such as behavioral health events can be managed consistent with patient preferences and local regulations.

HealthShare Information Exchange software powers some of the nation’s most successful health information networks, including health exchanges in New York, Rhode Island, Missouri, and Texas, and is used by leading hospitals and integrated delivery networks to drive better, connected care.

InterSystems HealthShare Information Exchange: Creating the foundation for healthcare transformation

HealthShare Information Exchange is built on the InterSystems data platform and takes advantage of a unified set of data management, connectivity, and analytical services as well as powerful security, authentication, access control, and auditing services. To these, HealthShare Information Exchange adds:

Composite Health Record
A comprehensive data model for bringing together patient data, clinical content and financial claims, Information Exchange can aggregate and harmonize data from multiple sources to create a virtual patient record on demand.

Standards-based Interoperability
With certified support for the major healthcare standards, such as IHE, CDA®, HL7® and FHIR®, Information Exchange ensures you can integrate with systems both inside and outside of your organization.

Clinical Portal
Enhance care safety and quality by providing a consolidated view of patient records from across the exchange in a secure and relevant way.

Consent Management
Consent services enable granular control and data segmentation of a patient’s record. Different consent profiles can apply for different facilities, clinician groups, patients, or even types of data.

Messaging and Notifications
Information Exchange supports optimal, coordinated care across the entire care team with secure messaging and automated notifications. Clinicians can subscribe to alerts on their patients for events such Emergency Department admissions, abnormal lab results, or missed appointments.

Terminology Services
Terminology Services allow for run-time normalization of local codes and descriptors into a shared standard to support consistent representations of clinical results regardless of data source.

Optional Analytics Add-on
For in-depth health analytics, HealthShare Information Exchange works best with the Health Insight add-on module. Health Insight contains a complete analytics data model, infrastructure, and starter sets to add meaningful health analytics to the HealthShare Information Exchange product, power your own solutions, or serve up current, credible data to optimize other analytics investments.


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