Healthcare Application Development with IRIS for Health and HealthShare

Achieve faster time-to-market, higher performance, & superior reliability.

So Much Data, So Little Time

Bringing together the information that matters isn’t just a problem for healthcare providers. It’s a challenge for healthcare application developers, too.

The health data you need to power machine learning or provide context for device data is spread over multiple systems, and stored using different data models. Sometimes the most critical data is in non-structured format, such as the text of physician notes.

How can you gather the data your application needs? We have the answer.

How can you use that data to deliver insights that make a difference in health and care? We have you covered there, too.

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Bring Your Innovations to Life, Faster

You have a vision for the future, and a unique value proposition of your own. Why spend time recreating infrastructure that HealthShare can deliver out of the box?

Whether your success depends on rapidly connecting your own solutions with others, accurately identifying unique patients, aggregating and normalizing data, delivering intelligent workflows, or making information accessible to patients, HealthShare, combined with InterSystems IRIS for Health can speed time to value.


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“Rather than composing a sentence or two to describe my experience with InterSystems and their solutions, let me use a few descriptive words: professional, reliable, secure, highly scalable, and incredible performance.”

Colin Hopkinson
Integrated Systems Enterprise Architect, 3M Company
Digital transformation for retail and logistics.

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