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Putting the consumer at the center of care.

Did we miss you at AHIP’s Institute & Expo 2016?

At AHIP 2016 we focused on how you can put the consumer at the center of care. When you put the consumer and a comprehensive health record at the center of care, something wonderful happens. It enables better collaboration among providers, payers, and patients for better health and lower costs.

Download “Collaboration is the Key for Health Plans in a Shared Risk Environment” for background on how you can enable consumer-focused, collaborative and coordinated care.

AHIP’s Institute & Expo 2016 review

Our breakfast briefing, “Collaborating for the Consumer,” featured 3 stories that illustrated the benefits of putting the consumer and comprehensive information at the center of care:

  • InterSystems presented how electronically shared end-of-life care plans are improving consumer satisfaction and reducing costs
  • MVP Health Care, a New York payer, is improving outcomes by sharing data with providers to create a complete picture of the patient
  • Rhode Island Quality Institute (health information exchange) is creating a seamless consumer experience across the continuum of care with state-wide provider directories and health information exchange

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InterSystems is the leading software technology provider in healthcare, with over 2/3 of the U.S. population alone served by healthcare solutions that run on our health informatics platform, database, and integration software.

Innovative health plans are using InterSystems HealthShare health informatics platform to aggregate patient information, keep it current, and share it privately and securely with caregivers at the right time, within existing workflows, right at the point of care. Health plan members have access to this information, in easily consumable formats, whenever they need it. The results are reduced risk associated with incomplete information, greater efficiency for care teams, better health outcomes, and a better patient experience.

Collaboration is the Key for Health Plans in a Shared Risk Environment

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