Enabling Caregivers To See an Entire Patient Story Matters

Netsmart uses InterSystems Solutions to Create a More Complete Picture of Patient Health and History for the Mental Health Center of Denver

Netsmart’s EHR technology connects behavioral health and post-acute care for over 25 million people around the nation. Their solutions enable clinicians to capture insights from unstructured information like clinical notes, psychiatric evaluations, clinical intake narratives, and treatment plans.

The Mental Health Center of Denver was struggling with an inability to analyze collected data along with time spent on customization issues. Clinical notes and assessments measuring mental health recovery from both the patients’ and caregivers’ perspectives were falling through the cracks, unable to provide guidance towards improving care.

But through the help of a partnership with InterSystems, Netsmart was quickly able to integrate new technologies and enable caregivers at the Mental Health Center of Denver to focus on what matters—better patient outcomes.

InterSystems analytics technologies that identify hidden patterns in unstructured information like psychiatric evaluations, management notes, and intake narratives allow The Mental Health Center of Denver to analyze data housed in its Netsmart system that would otherwise be difficult to interpret in a traditional EHR view. Caretakers can now evaluate patient progress in a customized, clinician-friendly view and collectively determine next steps in treatment, helping to improve the overall quality of patient care, speed time to recovery, and keep future health risks at bay for over 15,000 children, families, and adults.

“The ability to have access to all of the information contained in an EHR is invaluable to our providers because healthcare doesn’t just happen in a clinical setting.”

Tom Herzog
COO, Netsmart

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