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Developers work best and achieve results faster when they use tools and technologies that are familiar to them. InterSystems IRIS is designed to work with Java and other popular development technologies in an open, standards-based fashion.

InterSystems Atelier

InterSystems Atelier is our plug-in to the popular Eclipse framework. It enables you to rapidly build solutions that leverage the scalability, connectivity, and reliability of InterSystems IRIS Data Platform.

Client-Side Development with InterSystems IRIS

InterSystems IRIS can be used with many popular development technologies including Java, .NET, REST, JSON, C++ JavaScript, XML, and more.


Java is arguably the world’s most widely used language.
InterSystems IRIS can interact with Java in several ways:

  • JDBC – for ad hoc queries
  • XEP (EXtreme Event Processing) – fast access for
    simple Java objects
  • Hibernate – rich access for complex Java objects
  • Apache Spark Connector – for analytics on large
    data sets

REST provides fast, lightweight communication for Web services. It is commonly used (usually with a JSON payload) for the development of mobile and Web applications. InterSystems IRIS makes it easy to expose data and functionality as services, and it has a REST API that makes it simple to use REST.

Other Development Technologies
Other development technology can use InterSystems IRIS either through ODBC or by accessing language-specific object libraries that we provide.

Server-Side Development with InterSystems IRIS

ObjectScript is a powerful object-oriented programming language that provides access to the database kernel within InterSystems IRIS. Object methods can directly access InterSystems IRIS’ multidimensional arrays, or it can use SQL.

InterSystems IRIS objects can be exposed (through built-in libraries) to Java, .NET, C++, JavaScript, and many other languages.

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Центр обучения

Выберите наиболее удобный для вас способ обучения: занятия с преподавателем в классе, бесплатные онлайн-курсы, практические обучающие программы и многое другое.


Сообщество разработчиков

Присоединяйтесь к профессиональной сети разработчиков на технологиях InterSystems по всему миру. Будьте всегда на связи менеджерами продуктов и с разработчиками компании.


Карьера в InterSystems

Присоединяйтесь к команде профессионалов, создающих технологии, которые важны. Будьте в курсе открытых вакансий компании InterSystems во всем мире.


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