Unlock the Value of Shared Health Information

Health Insight

InterSystems HealthShare Health Insight is a robust analytics development solution that unlocks the value of shared health information for population and performance management. It brings together all of your data assets for analysis and the delivery of actionable insights when and where needed.

Enhanced Understanding

Healthcare is in the process of a massive transition – patient demographics, delivery models, provider relationships, technology, consumer expectations, and payment structures are all changing. To manage through this transition you need information and insight.

To appreciate the challenge, consider Medicare patients. The average Medicare patient in the US with five or more chronic conditions sees 13 doctors and fills 50 prescriptions per year; populations in other nations have similar profiles. Multiply this kind of utilization out by your entire population and you have an enormous pool of data in every imaginable format, both structured and unstructured.

Health Insight brings all this data together, organizes and normalizes it, and then delivers it in near real-time to an extensible hypercube for reporting and analysis within the HealthShare environment. That same, cleansed, comprehensive data can also be loaded into purchased or self-developed analytics applications, enterprise data warehouses, or clinical decision support solutions to enhance understanding and maximize value throughout your healthcare enterprise.

Closed-Loop Care

Safe, coordinated care requires analytics delivered to clinicians in time to identify opportunities for action and enable interventions. This is the kind of closed-loop management that leads to reduced readmissions, improved sepsis rates, and lower per member per month costs for chronic disease populations. Health Insight makes closed-loop management possible through automated event logic and notifications configured for the issues that matter to you and your organization. It enables you to properly manage those who are sick, and encourage healthy behaviors for those who are not.

InterSystems HealthShare Health Insight: Analytics to power healthcare transformation

Health Insight contains a complete analytics data model, infrastructure, and starter sets to add meaningful health analytics to our HealthShare Information Exchange product, power your own solutions, or serve up current, credible data to optimize other analytics investments. It includes:

Extensible Hypercube

The comprehensive health analytics data model is automatically populated in near real-time from HealthShare Information Exchange. Health Insight’s customization framework lets you extend the model to include other sources and data types.

Analytics Builder

Information becomes accessible when delivered to decision makers in meaningful formats. Health Insight provides the tools to create fully interactive dashboards, reports, statistical and text analyses, and business graphics with high-level summaries and detailed drill downs. A starter set of dashboards provides examples to simplify the process of creating your own.

Data Management Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)

The Health Insight toolset lets you develop analytics applications using the data in HealthShare Information Exchange. It also includes a library of APIs for populating the Health Insight Hypercube from other data sources. As with all HealthShare solutions, Health Insight understands and supports all relevant healthcare interoperability standards.

Data Provisioning

In addition to its own rich analytics environment, Health Insight can provide data services to the rest of your analytics portfolio. These include conditioning, harmonization, normalization, and transport services to feed current, comprehensive and credible data to other applications.

Active Interventions

Static reports do little to change behavior. Health Insight includes the logic and notification mechanisms to deliver analytics insights within clinical and business workflows for decision-making and true closed-loop care process management.

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