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Creating Intelligence in Your Supply Chain

Expert Panel Discussion

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Organisations are striving more than ever to gain a competitive edge and meet customer expectations in a hugely volatile market.

However, with significant global end-to-end supply chain disruption and complexity in operations, extracting accurate, real-time, intelligent insights from data is essential to predicting and adapting operational processes to meet customer expectations.

Key discussion points:

• Assess your position on the road map to data mastery and identify where internal improvements can be made to achieve company operational goals and maximize agility.

• Learn how to develop a consistent, end to end view of your supply chain by consolidating and standardization data and breaking down silos for real-time actionable insights.

• Explore how to maximize the potential of new tech for your supply chain - such as AI and predictive analytics - to provide real-time, intelligent, and pre-emptive actions against disruptions, mitigate risks and reduce costs.

Mark Holmes
Senior Advisor for Supply Chain

Ilya Furman
Global Director of Supply Chain Transformation

Craig Weiss
SVP Supply Chain & Chief Transformation Officer
Conagra Brands

Cari Shim
VP Supply Chain Operations