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If you deploy large systems with many instances of Caché or Ensemble, configuring, provisioning, and managing security for each instance can become a chore. The Enterprise Manager enables you to perform many functions of the System Management Portal on multiple instances of Caché at the same time. It greatly reduces the time and effort required to deploy and maintain your breakthrough applications.


We currently work with two Xerox data warehouses that have multiple servers, as well as close to 80 in-house servers for testing, QA, development, and other needs. We will enjoy using InterSystems Enterprise Manager to configure, maintain, and monitor our servers.

Software/Systems Analyst, Midas+, a Xerox Company


About the Enterprise Manager

The Enterprise Manager is a free, stand-alone application that works with the 2014.1 (and subsequent) versions of Caché and Ensemble. Supported customers can download it from the Worldwide Response Center FTP Server.

With the Enterprise Manager, you can securely configure and provision multiple instances of Caché and Ensemble from a central server.