Getting it together:
Harnessing disparate data for better business performance

An on-demand webinar presented with the Economist

Organizations are gathering more data than ever, and at an unprecedented pace. This explosion of big data and analytics techniques creates new opportunities for businesses to unlock major improvements in performance and growth. Yet one of the obstacles to reaping the full benefits of analytics is that data often reside in disconnected silos. When data are not easily or fully accessible to decision-makers, businesses can miss discovering and acting on insights, which hinders productivity, efficiency and agility, and undermines competitive advantage.

As organizations recover from the disruption of the covid-19 crisis, they have the chance to modernize and improve their data strategies. Although data silos are often seen as inevitable—stemming from a range of technical practices, restrictions in terms of use, and regulatory and privacy imperatives—businesses can overcome the problem by connecting disparate data to enable faster, better decision-making. Whether this is done through centralized or distributed data governance, firms can tap information in ways that are more precise, deliver greater value, facilitate seamless customer journeys and mitigate risks in a rapidly changing business landscape. So what holds companies back—and how can smart business leaders surmount the obstacles associated with disparate data?

Key agenda points

  • What are the main causes of data silos, and how do these affect organizational performance?
  • What are the technical and organizational difficulties preventing companies from gaining an overarching view of their data, and how can they be overcome?
  • How can new approaches to data and analytics drive better decision-making and business outcomes?
  • What can organizations do to nurture a culture of cross-functional collaboration and innovation to tap their complete data assets?


Joe Lichtenberg
Global head of industry marketing, InterSystems

Tiffany Perkins-Munn
Managing director, global head of research, analytics and data, BlackRock

Karl Hightower
Chief data officer, Novant Health

Sears Merritt
Head of Technology and Data, MassMutual

Moderator: Kenneth Cukier
Senior editor, The Economist

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