Data Fabric is the Future of Data Management

Today, businesses are demanding more from the growing volume and complexity of data they have available – to gain increased efficiency, manage risk, and deliver new high value services to their customers.

But for many organizations, the prevalence of data and application silos makes it difficult to gain full value from the data assets that are locked away in the organization.

All these organizations are striving to provide a consistent, accurate, real-time view of their enterprise data assets to make better decisions. To improve their customers’ experiences. To move their businesses forward.

According to Gartner[1], the enterprise data fabric “is the Future of Data Management.”


Data Fabric is the Future of Data Management

Joe Lichtenberg, Global Head of Product & Industry Marketing, is speaking at the Gartner IT Symposium this November. He will share both architecture and key strategic initiatives in various industries and how data fabrics enable on-demand integration, harmonisation, analysis, and use of data across silos, providing the business with the insights and agility needed to remain competitive, and overcoming limitations of previous approaches such as data lakes and data warehouses.

Visit our virtual stand to learn more about InterSystems. Read stories from our customers such as Rathbones, TD Ameritrade, MFS Investment Management, and more. Watch videos, see our analyst recognition, download the latest reports, or even challenge yourself on our digital Rubix cube competition!

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Putting Smart Data Fabrics To Use

Smart data fabrics are being used in production today across many industries to power a wide variety of enterprise-level, mission-critical initiatives, including:

  • scenario planning and decision support
  • enterprise risk and liquidity management
  • regulatory compliance
  • business management reporting
  • wealth management
  • real-time visibility and alerting
  • and many others


InterSystems IRIS® is next-generation data platform software that incorporates many of the critical capabilities for organisations that are implementing enterprise-wide smart data fabrics to meet their most challenging business requirements. It provides powerful database management, integration, analytics, application development, and API management capabilities all in a single product built from the ground up – to speed time to value, simplify architectures, and lower total cost of ownership.


[1] Gartner, Emerging Technologies: Data Fabric Is the Future of Data Management. 4 December 2020 – ID G00733652