Healthcare technology for the United States government.

Proudly Serving Those Who Serve Us

You serve your citizens well, and InterSystems is committed to serving you – with systems that increase performance, provide the interoperability you need, and make coordinated healthcare possible.

Our veterans deserve a healthy future.

Building a Healthier Future

InterSystems is proud our technology has helped government agencies, including the Department of Veterans Affairs, Defense Health, and Indian Health Service, manage their data. Our technology today drives a healthcare solution for 9.2 million veterans, helping to close the gaps that could come between American warriors and the healthy future they deserve.

Proven Interoperability, Reliability, Intuitive Design, Scalability

Federal Capability Statement

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George Hou:
Connected Healthcare & the VA Digital Health Platform

Focusing on What Matters

The time has come for buy-over-build thinking. Find out why in this interview with InterSystems Managing Director and National VA Account Manager George Hou, who was just named to the FedHealthIT100 for driving change and advancement in federal health information technology.

Use Buy Over Build Thinking

Fed Health IT Winter 2017

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