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Our Customers Rely on InterSystems Solutions
to Run Their Most Critical Applications

Our customers run critical applications that keep healthcare systems, businesses, and governments up and running. Lives and livelihoods depend on then. That’s why our customers depend on our powerful solutions to ensure they have the information and data they need, whenever and wherever they need it.

Your Success Is Our Ultimate Priority

Our products, support, design philosophy, and sense of partnership empower our clients to build new applications that solve tough, important problems.

  • Our support system keeps in mind the lives that depend on your critical applications. Our very best people are on the front lines 24/7 to provide guidance and direction.
  • All of our products adhere to our IRIS principle, meaning they are interoperable, reliable, intuitive, and scalable—and designed with elegant simplicity in mind.
  • Customers are the reason we’re here. Work with us, and you’ll have a partner focused on your needs every step of the way.

“InterSystems is here for the benefit of our clients. We strive for excellence in everything we do. And we strive to be a company that our partners can trust with their long-term future and success.”

Terry Ragon
CEO & Founder, InterSystems

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