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Digital Finance Conference

Enabling a Data-Driven Enterprise

In a recent survey of more than 100 C-level executives at global financial services organizations, we learned that most firms are still performing most of their compliance activities manually, and 90% of firms are allocating at least 40% of their total data practice’s budget just to compliance initiatives.

To streamline and automate compliance activities, leading firms are now implementing an enterprise data fabric to bring together data from across the enterprise, reducing manual effort, increasing accuracy, lowering latencies, and simplifying operations. An enterprise data fabric is also being used by firms as an enabler for more strategic initiatives, such as enterprise risk and liquidity management, portfolio management, KYC, hyper personalization, and others.

In this session we will present a subset of the research findings, describe what top analysts are calling “the future of data management,” and how it is being used to streamline both compliance initiatives and accelerate strategic business initiatives at top financial services firms.

Jost Brehm | Sales Executive | InterSystems GmbH

Jost Brehm is an experienced sales manager with more than 25 years of consulting and sales practice in the financial services industry. During his career, he held various positions at large international corporations, medium-sized enterprises as well as start-ups and used his expertise to support global banks and insurance companies. With his many years of experience at the interface between banking and insurance-specific business requirements and technology – including AI, analytics and data management - Jost Brehm is leading the financial services team of InterSystems in the DACH region and focuses on helping the industry make the most out of their data.