Welcome to Data Matters!

Let’s begin by stating the obvious: Data does matter. Now more than ever.

We are living in a time of great technological evolution and revolution in all the economies of the world, and in every sector – finance, government, health, research – you name it. Data creation, collection, and analysis are the cornerstones of this disruption.

Why? People and organizations are re-awakening to the importance and potential of data. We collect and process more data now than at any time in history. The potential use and misuse of all this data is staggering.

We’ll focus some of our blogs on data governance, but we’ll have even more to say about harnessing data to unleash business and organizational benefits. We’ll also challenge conventional wisdom on what’s needed to achieve success in Big Data.

Big Data is not completely new. It is an evolution of how we value all things data and look to harness its power. However, our capacity to create, collect, and analyze data has dramatically increased over the last decade. As a result, organizations need to think differently about business processes and how those processes are implemented – with policy as well as technology in mind. This thought process will greatly determine success, not only in selecting Big Data technology and talent, but in leveraging Big Data itself.

I and my peers look forward to engaging you in conversation and debate on these topics in the coming weeks. Check back here often, or signup via your preferred social feed to get notified of new content.

Iran Hutchinson

Iran Hutchinson is Product Management Director for Big Data at InterSystems, driving global product strategy and development on high-performance computing. Prior to joining InterSystems, Hutchinson held software architect roles in companies such as IBM, where he led the development strategy for enterprise integration, Big Data, analytics, and modernization of global systems. He is a frequent speaker at industry conferences. Follow him on Twitter at @iranic.

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  1. David Norfolk

    July 23, 2015

    Good luck with the new blog! There’s no argument from me that “data matters” but one of my current concerns is that people might be increasingly using data when they don’t understand its semantics and provenance, If you mix customer data, say, from your validated transaction systems with customer data from a variety of adhoc “CRM” systems, set up by various departments on the Web, any conclusions you draw from analysing it may be seriously flawed. Without some central oversight, if you have 5 departments you probably have at least 6 definitions of exactly what a “customer” is!

    I guess that fixing the consequences of such issues may be what pays a lot of us an income over the next few years. Better not to have the issues in the first place – as long as avoiding them doesn’t fatally compromise business agility..