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InterSystems blogs are authored by members of the InterSystems team as well as guest bloggers. Our blogs will provide a range of opinions that we hope you will find useful, engaging, informative – and fun to read.

Survival Requires Agility: Optimizing for Accelerated App Delivery

CIOs and IT organizations are challenged to support business units with modernization initiatives to help them respond to challenges and...

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Artificial Intelligence: What to Expect in 2019

“Every aspect of our lives will be transformed [by AI]”, potentially “the biggest event in the history of our civilization” -Stephen...

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Why We Are Excited About InterSystems IRIS

A new data platform has launched, and it’s created a lot of buzz around our virtual office. InterSystems IRIS (which stands for...

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AI and big data: for better, for worse?

Drawing on a comparison with the Industrial Revolution, tech philosopher Dr. Tom Chatfield explores the impact of technology on society,...

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On Data Interoperability: Interview with Julie Lockner

Roberto Zicari, editor of the ODBMS Industry Watch blog, recently interviewed Julie Lockner, who leads data platform product marketing for...

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Why You Should Care About a Data Platform

Second in a two-part series By Philip Howard, Bloor Research International Ltd. It is all very well saying that the...

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