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Keeping Retail Operations Digitally Connected

CFAO Group

CFAO Uses InterSystems Technology as the Cornerstone of Their Operations to Increase Visibility and Unify Commerce

CFAO is a French manufacturer, retailer, and distributor heavily invested in markets from Africa to Asia to remote island territories. Because of their far-reaching supply chain and wide range of industry offerings, CFAO is primarily concerned with efficiency, responsiveness, and a seamless customer experience. With the organization’s over 80 subsidiaries, essential data is prone to siloing, making it difficult to access and efforts to streamline operations burdensome and time-consuming.

By using InterSystems technology as a cornerstone for implementing connected solutions, CFAO is able to achieve unified commerce through digital transformation. New revenue streams, improved customer satisfaction, and unified commerce have increased the influence of IT, making it a key contributor to the success of the organization.

InterSystems data platform is an all-in-one tool for CFAO to develop new and future solutions that reduce the complexity of business operations. From automated currency exchange and language processing to real-time visibility and faster integrations, CFAO is able to embrace new opportunities for revenue and expansion that are both profitable and sustainable.

“InterSystems provides all the capabilities we need to meet our business demands, in one seamless environment.”

Anthony Gillaizeau
IT Manager, CFAO

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