InterSystems Benelux
Summit 2017

Empowering What Matters

Benelux Summit 2017

October 24 and/or 25,
Hotel Beveren

@InterSystems Benelux

InterSystems Benelux Summit 2017 is all about empowering you, because you and the applications you build with our technology MATTER.

It is an unparalleled opportunity to connect with your peers and with InterSystems’ executives and technical experts. Together, you will talk and learn about leading technologies, strategies, and methodologies that will enable you to lead your markets and your communities.


October 25th agenda

Technical & Educational Sessions


10.00 Welcome & Recap of Day1 – InterSystems IRIS Data Platform and Support
Helene Lengler, Regional Director DACH & Benelux, InterSystems
10.20 Building Modern Web Applications
Stefan Wittmann, Product manager InterSystems
11.05 Achieving Horizontal Scalability
Alain Houf, Sales Engineer InterSystems Benelux
11.50 InterSystems Cloud Manager & Containers for InterSystems Technologies
Luca Ravazzolo, Product manager InterSystems

Lunch Break 

14.00 Take a tour of atelier
Wouter Dupre, Sales Engineer InterSystems Benelux
14.45 SQL / Objects / NoSQL – Things you should know
Alain Houf, Marcel den Ouden & Wouter Dupre, Sales Engineers InterSystems Benelux
15.30 End of Benelux Summit & Coffee Break

Benelux Caché User Group Meeting (CUG)

16.00 Caché User Group Benelux Meeting (For Clients)

  • 1600 Introduction & Raodmap to InterSystems IRIS Data Platform
  • 16.30 Vue.js: one of yhe hottest vdevelopment ecosystems, without learning curve
  • 17.15 Security for Dummies:
    • how to use tokens or sessions
    • auditing for debugging
    • role escalation
  • 17.50 Future topics
18.00 Sandwiches and CUG networking cocktail