InterSystems Benelux
Summit 2017

Benelux Summit
October 24-25,
Hotel Beveren

@InterSystems Benelux

Empowering What Matters

InterSystems Global Summit 2017 was a fantastic success with more than 160 participants over the 2 days.
Copy of the presentations are now available for download through daily agendas (see links hereafter)

Main reasons why people came:

  • To be inspired by visions and ideas that empower your business through our technology,
  • To learn how to harness all your data by breaking the silos, 
  • To discover from practical cases how you can benefit from new technologies without sacrificing your investments in existing applications

October 24  focused on both strategic as well as practical views of our technology.

  • The morning was devoted to a view on the market, a company update as well as the announcement of our new Data Platform and  a special keynote presentation from IDC’s Research Vice President:
    Carl Olofson
  • The afternoon was split into 3 tracks, all structured in the same way, including positioning presentation, the role of technology and several customer testimonials:

October 25 handled more in depth technical topics and be followed by the Caché User Group Benelux Meeting.

During the event, the attendant had the exclusive opportunity to see real world innovative IT success stories in the Benelux and elsewhere and to watch live demonstrations given by our local and international product specialists.