Unified Platform Makes Public Safety Smarter

Community, public-safety, and related organizations worldwide use InterSystems data management technology to boost their effectiveness, speed, and efficiency in serving their citizens.

InterSystems data platform not only manages data, but also provides analytics, interoperability with diverse systems, and the ability to use unstructured data. It is scalable, flexible, and secure.

Unified platform for data management.

Benefits of Working Smarter

Prompt & Informed Decisions Based on the Full Picture

  • Bridges data silos
  • Leverages existing applications and their data
  • Promotes greater situational awareness
  • Leverages unstructured data from free text fields and social media feeds
  • Uses embedded analytics to enable insights for more informed decisions
  • Enhances ability to collect information from public sources via digital devices


  • Proven in difficult public safety environments
  • Powers applications that matter for more than 10,000 customers worldwide
  • Continues to operate even during network failures

Increased Efficiency

  • Simplifies creation of new, optimized processes
  • Enables rapid development of new applications

Low Ownership Costs

  • Leverages existing software knowledge
  • Requires minimal training and staff
  • Has low Infrastructure costs
A medic works on her laptop.

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