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Connected Care Solutions

Countrywide/large-scale connected-care systems, including Scotland, U.S. military, Chile, Partners Healthcare, and five regional health information exchanges in the United States use InterSystems technology.

Regional and national governments use InterSystems TrakCare® and InterSystems HealthShare® software to deliver seamless care across regions and countries, improve public health, and control costs. Both products are built on our advanced Health Informatics Platform for aggregating comprehensive patient records, massively scalable data management, interoperability, and analytics.

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TrakCare is the world’s most proven electronic medical record (EMR) system. Widely deployed outside the U.S., it includes a comprehensive set of clinical and administrative modules sharing a single data model and user interface accessed through a single login. TrakCare helps improve care processes by leveraging local and international best practices from InterSystems long experience serving a worldwide community of clinicians.

KLAS categoryFor 2017, InterSystems TrakCare was awarded Best in KLAS for:

  • Global (Non-US) Acute Care EMR (second year in a row)
  • Global (Non-US) Patient Administration Systems


HealthShare is a family of connected health products for care coordination, analytics, and interoperability. HealthShare products are based on information sharing within and between organizations, making it easier to follow the path to higher-value, more sustainable healthcare.

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