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InterSystems’ advanced software empowers providerspayersgovernmentsmedical technology innovatorssoftware developersclinical laboratorieslife sciences companies and virtual care organizations to deliver innovative, secure healthcare data solutions.

By deploying these solutions on AWS, our customers take advantage of a cloud platform optimized for performance, scalability, and security—essential elements for improving operational and clinical effectiveness.

Case Study: Solving the Healthcare Interoperability Challenge

Manifest MedEx Leverages InterSystems HealthShare on AWS to Deliver Real-Time Health Data

Manifest MedEx (MX) needed to find a technology partner that could deliver a flexible, modular platform that would unite existing data assets and scale to support new patients and integrations. Specifically, MX sought a highly scalable clinical data repository and data warehouse, an enterprise master patient index solution, and an integration engine.

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Manifest MedEx, is California’s largest nonprofit health data network. The organization manages 19 million records, including clinical and claims data, for healthcare organizations throughout the state.


About InterSystems

InterSystems, founded in 1978, is a Cambridge, Massachusetts–based provider of software solutions used by millions of people in more than 80 countries. The organization is an APN Advanced Technology Partner that provides database management, rapid application development, integration, and analytics solutions.