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HealthShare Managed Connections Data Partnership Hub

Reliable Health Data Connections Without the Time and Effort

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HealthShare Managed Connections is a one-stop hub for providers, payers, and life sciences companies that need easier, faster, and more cost-effective access to health data. HealthShare Managed Connections is based on the HealthShare Best-in-KLAS Interoperability Platform.

HealthShare Managed Connections delivers:

  • A single connection to national federated networks such as CommonWell
  • Safe, secure connections to data from healthcare providers 
  • On-demand connections to healthcare data sources not yet connected
  • A managed infrastructure so you can focus on innovation, not technology 
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Learn More About HealthShare Managed Connections

InterSystems is aiming to transform the world of healthcare information interoperability with the pre-built connectivity, faster onboarding, easier maintenance, higher availability, and lower costs of HealthShare Managed Connections. Built on the solid core of InterSystems interoperability and database technology, and with a wide network of partner organisations, we can support your data needs on demand and at any scale.

*HealthShare Managed Connections is available in the United States only.

To learn more, call us at: 617-621-0600

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