InterSystems is the Engine Behind the World’s Most Important Applications

InterSystems Health Informatics Platform makes it easier for you to create innovative, interoperable, information-rich, non-stop healthcare solutions.

Simplify Development of Healthcare Applications

With HealthShare you can focus on the unique value of your application and content while HealthShare reduces the complexity of:

A few of the hundreds of InterSystems clients who have built their solutions on our platform:

  • Epic
  • GE Healthcare
  • Roche Diagnostics
  • 3M Health Information Systems

A Solid Foundation

Our products are designed around the idea that lives and livelihoods depend on them to work properly and reliably. It’s easy to see how this applies in healthcare, where InterSystems technology supports the health records of 500 million people worldwide.

The HealthShare platform includes:

  • Powerful multi-model database capabilities
  • Standards-based interoperability and messaging
  • User interface frameworks
  • Natural language processing technology
  • Analytics that work with unstructured as well as structured data
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“HealthShare gave us the infrastructure that would have taken us 14 months to build.”

Scott Kahler
Chief Technology Officer, G2 Works

Standard by Design

When you create applications with the HealthShare Health Informatics Platform, we take care of standards compliance for you.

HealthShare has built-in support for global healthcare standards including FHIR®, HL7®, IHE, CCD, CDA, DICOM, X12, and more. We constantly update and certify our products and remain a leader in global healthcare standards support.


Right Size for the Job. Anywhere.

The HealthShare platform scales down just as easily as it scales up to support development projects of all sizes.

And because today’s healthcare software must support worldwide deployment, we’ve simplified development and version management for multiple markets and customer types.

The applications you create with HealthShare will automatically interoperate with the rest of the HealthShare product family. This makes it easy for you to participate in a worldwide ecosystem of HealthShare solutions running everywhere from the largest servers to the smallest mobile devices.

global connectivity

“We needed to provide a complete workflow solution to our customers and that is why we have developed our own product built on the HealthShare platform. InterSystems has been there for us every step of the way.”1

IT Architect
Large Enterprise Computer Hardware Company
Digital transformation for retail and logistics.

Our Best on the Front Lines of Support

We put our best people on the front lines of support, and we do not ration their time. That means that your first contact with customer support will be with an engineer who can address your problem and take responsibility for resolving it – at the level and speed you request.

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Whatever it Takes

InterSystems is a “do whatever it takes” company. We help our smallest clients by augmenting their capabilities with ours, so that they can win and serve big customers. We help our largest clients with ongoing efforts to improve their offerings, and ours.

Our software developers work to ensure that all InterSystems products are interoperable, reliable, intuitive, and scalable. This design philosophy, our products, and our support empower you to be creative in building new applications that solve tough problems and delight users. It’s why InterSystems has become the engine behind the world’s most important applications.

A doctor monitors patient vitals.

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