Global Summit 2017

Healthcare Leadership Conference Registration

September 10 – 12, 2017

InterSystems Healthcare Leadership Conference is our premier event, exclusively for senior executives from healthcare provider organizations around the world.

It’s a collegial event with short presentations and panel discussions, designed to foster active dialogue around how to improve the healthcare experience for all. Our objective is to provide you with the opportunity to hear from your peers from around the world who share your challenge of improving the healthcare experience for all. This conference is your opportunity to network, share, and learn how your peers from around the world are approaching personalized population health management.

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Why Attend the Healthcare Leadership Conference

Conference Agenda

The Healthcare Leadership Conference will focus on population health management. Population health begins by optimizing care for individuals, and placing the individual at the center of the health and care record. We’ll begin the Healthcare Leadership Conference by optimizing the agenda for each attendee and setting expectations for what we’re going to learn from fellow participants.

  • Population Health Management Across a Clinically Integrated Network
    This session explores the importance of having a single, complete care record at the center of care, following the example of a U.S.-based healthcare network. The network focuses on managing population health, starting with its highest-risk patients, using real-time alerts and other notifications for physicians and care coordinators.
  • Population Health Management: Needs and Drivers (panel)
    Health and wellness matters for everyone – patients, families, care providers, those who pay for care, and governments that need healthy and productive populations. Gain insights on different incentives and multiple paths to success followed by organizations across the world.
  • Discussion Groups
    What’s most important to your work and your organization’s success? Choose a discussion group for a moderated and open exchange of ideas with your peers that will help you’re your strategic planning going forward.   
  • Delivering Actionable Information to Caregivers (panel)
    Panelists will share their stories of using technology to improve delivery of accurate, actionable information to caregivers. Topics may include using SMART on FHIR apps, identifying cohorts of patients for care management, and using real-time analytics to enhance clinician performance.
  • Identifying and Managing Cohorts (panel)
    How can you better use the data you have to identify individuals who aren’t getting the care they should, or automate the process between payers and providers? This panel discussion tackles those and other questions.
  • Population Health Management Across an Entire State
    Learn how a successful health information exchange across an entire state provides a model for what can be accomplished when everyone – patients, providers, and payers – share health data. This session will examine the social and technology enablers that have led to this success.    
  • Population Health Management Across the Health and Care Community
    Hear from a health and care organization in the UK that is uniting 13 health and social care organizations through information sharing via a Care Portal system. The goal is to improve care for an ageing population of 700,000 patients, many with multiple chronic conditions, while managing costs. The conservative estimate is a savings of £23 million over five years.
  •  Personalizing Care (panel)
    Information sharing and a population health approach can yield better, more personalized care for each patient, and patients more engaged in their own care process. This session will examine how a few organizations are achieving these results by placing the patient at the center of the health and care record.
  • Healthcare Innovation Landscape (panel)
    Where do we go from here? This session reviews paths to innovation that can help your organization transition to higher value, more sustainable healthcare delivery. We’ll focus on important secondary uses of aggregated patient data that help us reach these goals.

The Healthcare Leadership Conference begins with the Global Summit Welcome Reception Sunday evening, September 10 and continues with sessions and a networking dinner on Monday, September 11, and sessions Tuesday morning, September 12. Once the Healthcare Leadership Conference ends at 2:00 pm on September 12, you’re welcome to attend sessions that are part of the simultaneous Solution Developers Conference, including the HealthShare User Group


If you have any questions about the confernece, you can email us at