InterSystems Global Summit 2016

The Unconference

On the afternoon of Tuesday, April 12th, all Global Summit attendees are invited to participate in an “unconference.”

What’s an “unconference”?

Unconferences are the latest trend in networking and peer-to-peer discussions. An unconference consists of ad-hoc discussion groups that you nominate and help facilitate.

Here’s how it works

Right after lunch on Tuesday, we’ll have a “pitch party” during which you can suggest a topic that you would like to discuss. There will be a facilitator, whose role is to keep things moving, to combine duplicate topics, to suggest possible talking points, and ultimately to give an instant green light to appropriate pitches.

Step up to the microphone and make your pitch! A typical pitch takes 30-60 seconds, including some interaction with the facilitator. The best topics will be broad enough to be of interest to a number of your fellow attendees, but specific enough that you won’t have 100 people trying to have a “discussion.” The only rule is that a discussion must not be a thinly veiled sales pitch.

All of the pitches will happen live at the Global Summit, but if you want to bounce ideas around beforehand, measure the level of interest, refine your talking points, etc., you can do so on this dedicated message board.

Once you receive the green light from the facilitator, write the title of your pitch on brightly colored paper (which we will provide) and post it on the Unagenda board to claim a discussion spot and time slot. The pitch party continues until all the slots are filled.

Then the fun begins! After a short break, the Unconference sessions convene. It is assumed that the person who proposed each topic will kick off the discussion, but other than that, there are no rules.

Wait! There is one rule:

If, during the course of the gathering, you find yourself neither learning nor contributing, you must use your feet to go to some more productive place.

After the Unconference

We will have bloggers present at all Unconference sessions. After the Global Summit, we will collect all our notes and publish the proceedings of the Unconference.