InterSystems Global Summit 2016

Solution Developers Conference

Solution Developers Conference
April 10-13, 2016
Phoenix, Arizona

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April 10 – 13, 2016

NOTE: If, in past years, you have attended the Technical Leadership Conference or the Developer Conference, then the Solution Developers Conference is for you.

A New Experience for Solution Developers

InterSystems Solution Developers Conference is like nothing you’ve seen before! We are taking a new angle on how we talk with technologists about our technology. The Solution Developers Conference will focus on how we can help you be more effective at your job and become an advocate for innovation within your organization.


With so much to do at InterSystems Global Summit, did you miss a session you particularly wanted to see? All of the materials from breakout sessions of the Solution Developers Conference are available on the InterSystems Online Learning System.

A New Way to Talk Tech

Solution Developers Conference - Learn more

In the Solution Developers Conference, the jumping-off point for technical sessions will be specific uses cases – problems or tasks that are important to you and your peers.

Just as an example, “Supporting Credit Cards the Right Way” will showcase how to implement support for credit cards by using data element encryption.

Of course, some of the use cases we propose will lead to discussions of brand-new capabilities. In particular, you can expect to hear about several new features tailored for Big Data applications.

We are also offering sessions aimed at helping you to see and be able to articulate the big picture – why your organization needs the new technology you are eager to use.

Experience Lab

New! Bring your laptop to the Experience Lab for immersive, hands-on interaction with the newest of our new and soon-to-exist technology. Gain practical experience of using our technology to complete a particular task – and take your work home with you! Learn more >

The Unconference

At an unconference, attendees set the agenda and run the discussions. No presentations. Just peers talking about subjects of mutual interest. Learn more >

Daily Agenda


The Solution Developers Conference session descriptions are available online or download the daily agenda in grid format (.pdf).

All of the materials from breakout sessions of the Solution Developers Conference are available in the Global Summit section of the Developer Community.