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Effective healthcare relies on a connected care community. Many of our clients and partners are using our technology to make the connections that matter for sustainable and patient-centered healthcare.

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InterSystems Keynote Presentation

HIEs: Moving Beyond Interoperability to Indispensability

Laura Adams, President and CEO, Rhode Island Quality Institute (RIQI)
Now that many health information exchanges (HIE) have overcome the challenges of data sharing, we can our turn attention to leveraging this powerful community asset toward a much broader vision of value. Learn how RIQI is moving into new areas of HIE value creation. HIEs that share and predict data are now positioned to:

-Enable far more robust predictive modeling and analytics services
-Deliver “detect and notify” services that sift the data in real time and serve up only the most clinically relevant information inside workflows
-Support bioinformatics research and critical public health priorities,such as intervening in the U.S. opioid crisis

Laura Adams has delivered conference keynotes in nearly every state and in 12 different countries. Currently president and CEO of RIQI, she is also Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey’s appointment to the Oversight Council for the MA Center for Health Information and Analysis. The co-author of several peer-reviewed articles on healthcare and health informatics, Adams has received citations from the Rhode Island congressional delegation for her visionary leadership and contributions to improving the state’s healthcare system.
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HIMSS17 Presentations

Managing Patient Identities on a Large Scale to Make the Care Process More Efficient

Angie Bass, Acting  CEO and COO, Missouri Health Connection
Reconciling multiple patient identities across all types of healthcare organizations is one of the overlooked challenges of efficient care processes. Learn how Missouri Health Connection manages more than 15 million patient identities across multiple partnerships and healthcare organizations.
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FHIR-side Chat  with Dr. Russell Leftwich

Dr. Russell Leftwich, Senior Clinical Adviser for Interoperability, InterSystems
Success in achieving the Triple Aim will depend on the future interoperability enabled by HL7 Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR). Learn how FHIR allows secure, real-time access to health data using the same technology that enables access to data across systems in other businesses.
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Retrieving Critical Information from Narrative Data in an Electronic Behavioral Health Record

Dr. Wesley Williams, Vice President and CIO, Mental Health Center of Denver
Learn how the Mental Health Center of Denver, in partnership with InterSystems and Netsmart Technologies, uses natural language processing to access unstructured information in electronic behavioral health records. By combining top-down and bottom-up approaches to structuring narrative data, InterSystems iKnow™ helps identify behavioral health risks for hospitalization.
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At the Intersection of Data Elements and Value Metrics

Tom Moore, Vice President, Innovation, Healthix
Dr. Tricia Nguyen, President, Texas Health Resources Population Health, Education & Innovation Center
Dr. M. Turner Billingsley, Chief Medical Officer, InterSystems

Dr. Kevin Carr, Chief Medical Officer, PwC
While in the next year Americans will continue to disagree about the best payment structure and breadth of healthcare coverage for all Americans, nearly everyone agrees about the concept of high value care. Panelists will explore the metrics in the high-value-care equation, with a deep dive into specific examples.
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Transforming Clinical Research Data into Actionable Insights

David Dimond, CTO, Global Healthcare Business, Dell EMC
Healthcare organizations need better intelligence from their data, including electronic health records, medical images, pathology, clinical research studies, genomics, population health statistics, and operational data. Learn how the Dell EMC and InterSystems Solution for Clinical Research Management provides a unified platform for turning data into insight.
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Little Data Is the Secret to Saving Lives, Improving Outcomes, and Unearthing Value

Dr. Femida Gwadry-Sridhar, CEO and Founder, Pulse InfoFrame
Precision knowledge systems create “little data sets” that deliver real-time, real-world evidence at just the right time to improve patient outcomes, advance research, and improve care delivery, and ultimately improve population health. Dr. Gwadry-Sridhar will recount case studies showing how “little data” saved lives and improved outcomes in her own medical practice.
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Automating the Care Authorization Process for Provider and Payer Organizations: Saving Time, Pleasing Patients

Dr. Holly Urban, Director of Product Management, MCG Health
One of the major challenges facing providers is the patient/member approval process for clinical services from health plans. Learn how MCG is helping provider organizations automate this process.
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HIV/AIDS: Ending the Epidemic

Tom Moore, Vice President, Innovation, Healthix
Healthix, the largest public health information exchange in the United States, is collaborating with healthcare providers and the New York State Department of Health in an effort to end the state’s HIV/AIDS epidemic. Learn about the challenges and results achieved through innovation and the robust functionality of the HIE’s HealthShare platform, with data for more than 16 million individuals from more than 374 healthcare organizations. The joint effort is leveraging Healthix data to coordinate detection and treatment for HIV/AIDS patients.
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New Insights – Leveraging the Patient Record

Randy Pallotta, Manager, Sales Engineering, InterSystems
Dr. Victor Lee, Vice President, Clinical Informatics, Clinical Architecture
Learn new ways healthcare organizations can leverage comprehensive communitywide health records to expose gaps in care and undocumented diagnoses, while enabling hospitals to present clinicians with an innovative, point-of-care clinigraphic display of relevant, condition-specific information.
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Interoperability with Ricoh and InterSystems

Eric Rivedal, Marketing Manager, Ricoh Global Healthcare Solutions
Ricoh has developed several applications on InterSystems HealthShare, demonstrating the value of the platform and the versatility of Ricoh services. Learn about Ricoh’s current applications and its plans for the future.
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Predictive Analytics: Add Value to Your Interoperability Investment

Eric Widen, Cofounder and CEO, HBI Solutions
To add value, predictive analytics solutions must be coupled with comprehensive, longitudinal, real-time data. Learn how HBI Solutions and InterSystems have partnered to help healthcare organizations leverage all available data to support population health and quality improvement. Hear how HBI and InterSystems can help customers reduce readmissions, emergency department visits, and gaps in care by incorporating predictive analytics into the daily care management workflow.
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Coordinating Care Through Real-Time Event Detection and Closed-Loop Follow Up of High-Risk Patients

Vish Anantraman, Chief Information Architect, Northwell Health
Northwell Health, a large IDN and payer in the New York Metropolitan area, is using the combination of HIE technology and real-time rules to triage, track, and efficiently follow up with patients from acute-care facilities after their discharge. Learn how Northwell developed a highly configurable application built on the InterSystems HealthShare platform for timely engagement with the most vulnerable patients without overwhelming the health system.
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Creating the Smart Hospital through Enhanced Patient-Flow Capabilities

Sagi Geva, Product Manager, STANLEY Healthcare
The AeroScout Patient-Flow solution provides enterprise hospital-wide and clinic-wide visibility and analytics that improve operational efficiency and patient experience. By monitoring the status, location, and interactions of people and resources, it provides data for real-time enterprise awareness coupled with powerful visual analytics to measure performance, identify trends, and pinpoint opportunities for process improvement. The solution includes a series of robust integrations with multiple systems, such as Epic’s EMR and InterSystems Ensemble® platform. Learn more about STANLEY Healthcare’s process to standardize the solution and the day-to-day benefits healthcare organizations are realizing as a result.
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