Administración Pública

Helping Governments to Serve Their Citizens Matters

Our products for data management, interoperability, analytics, and healthcare solutions enable national and local governments to provide services that matter to their citizens.


Many use our software to connect healthcare organizations. But you will also find our technology being used to build applications for law enforcement, administration, and other government functions. We help them provide essential services and improve not only their operations, but also the lives of the people they serve.

We have contracts with the U.S. federal government and nation-spanning interoperability projects in several countries around the world.

Empowering Government

Our seamless combination of a high-performance, multi-model and multi-workload database with open interoperability and active analytics on both structured and unstructured data enables applications that can handle large volumes of data from any source at blinding speed, and provide citizens with insight at the point of action

Using InterSystems’ healthcare solutions, governments can combine complete health information, intuitive workflow, and embedded analytics to empower individuals, connect care communities, and enable responsive organizations.

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