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Outreach Success Stories

InterSystems University Outreach Program sparks success at University of Applied Sciences Zwickau in Germany

In the course of a 10 year partnership between the InterSystems University Outreach Program and the University of Applied Sciences Zwickau (WHZ), students have built award-winning applications, developed real-world solutions in the healthcare and energy fields, and even found internships or jobs. “InterSystems has a worldwide presence, and is a leading provider of integration technologies in healthcare,” says Professor Anke Häber, who specializes in healthcare informatics. “Through our partnership with the InterSystems Campus program, we have been able to teach our students skills that have real value in the marketplace.”

2011 Student Innovator Award Winner

2011winnerProfessor Häber was the faculty advisor for the computer science research team that, in 2011, won the InterSystems Student Programming Competition. Their project focused on the activities for the integration of information systems in healthcare with InterSystems technologies. It included the setup of a modular software building kit as a “Best-of-Breed”-approach. Markus Lamprecht, the project leader, was presented with the 2011 InterSystems Student Innovator Award at InterSystems Global Summit, our annual developer conference.

Or take the case of Thomas Nitzsche, who wrote his Master’s thesis on how to integrate information systems between hospitals and medical care centers. Within his thesis, Thomas focused on the integration capabilities of InterSystems Ensemble. He presented his results at InterSystems Global Summit 2009 in Phoenix, Arizona. One year later, Thomas completed a three-month internship at InterSystems in the United States as part of his PhD research. Upon completion of the internship, Thomas was offered a position at InterSystems and is now an InterSystems Sales Engineer, working in our German office. He is a highly valued employee and a mentor to students at WHZ.

In conjunction with some of InterSystems’ application partners, InterSystems and WHZ have already completed several successful projects, including an MPI (master patient index) and a benchmarking tool for hospitals based on KPIs (key performance indicators), which were supported, incidentally, by Sebastian Thiele. New projects are already planned, focusing on current topics, such as communication in scenarios of ambient assisted living, cloud services brokerage for the orchestration of complex services, and active analytics of big data. “Our goal is to strengthen the cooperation between InterSystems and WHZ, which opens up possibilities for supporting and funding of new projects,” says Professor Häber.

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