HL7 Messaging with HealthShare

Complete more projects, faster.
Manage them more easily.

Healthcare organizations worldwide use InterSystems’ technology to seamlessly integrate information inside and outside the hospital while streamlining clinical and administrative business processes.

With InterSystems HealthShare, you can develop HL7 interfaces nearly three times faster than with competing products. In addition, HealthShare combines HL7 messaging with support for additional protocols such as X.12, SOAP, and IHE Profiles. Together with its advanced integration and development capabilities, HealthShare enables you to create connected healthcare environments within a hospital or across the community.

HealthShare’s HL7 messaging and interfacing technology provides:

  • Support for HL7 version 2.X and 3
  • Support for HL7 CDA Revision 2 (Including Consolidated CDA)
  • Support for Multiple IHE Profiles (see our IHE integration statement and certifications)
  • Pre-configured, customizable HL7 message router and HL7 version 2.X schemas to get you started quickly
  • An embedded database that persists messages and guarantees message delivery
  • Event driven, publish/subscribe, and content-based routing
  • Graphical editor for transforming messages and data
  • Rules engine that enables changes to running HL7 interfaces without programming
  • Testing service for validating interface components
  • Visual Trace, graphically showing message paths and content, for easier troubleshooting
  • Message searching and re-send, with search by interface, date/time, message type, and content
  • Operations monitoring with a single view into the status of inbound and outbound messages, message queue counts, and events
  • Dynamic alert routing and delivery
  • HL7 Sequence Manager to ensure that messages are routed in the sequence established by the sender



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