Breakthroughs in Big Data

Big Data is of little value if you can’t extract meaningful insight from your data – in real time – to inform decisions, drive actions, and change outcomes. Most organizations aren’t getting that insight, because as much as 90% of their data is trapped in unstructured forms, like text and images – putting it beyond the scope of conventional database and analytics technologies.

You’ll make breakthroughs with our Big Data platform. It seamlessly unifies data management, connectivity, and analytics, and easily handles complex data – even unstructured data – in real time. With its lean, efficient design, it processes transactions at blinding speeds. It’s massively scalable, and it’s built for high availability and reliability.

So you can take on astronomically Big Data challenges.

How we help you make breakthroughs

Big Data performance

You’ll make performance breakthroughs in speed, scalability, interoperability, and rapid application development with our Big Data platform.

  • Built for speed. Our advanced technology enables rapid data insertion, ingesting huge volumes of data at insanely high velocity. It also handles multiple data paradigms – hierarchical, tabular (SQL), object-based – simultaneously, to rapidly deliver data any way you want to see it.
  • Built for scalability. Our platform’s lean design lets it scale – very economically – to extremely large core counts and tens of thousands of users. So when one of the world’s largest equity trading firms went from processing 5,000 transactions a day to 250,000, they knew our platform could handle it. Without missing a beat.
  • Built for interoperability. Big Data success depends on systems and data sources that work together. When a large petrochemical company needed to deliver a billion liters of fuel a month, it relied on our unified database and rapid integration platform to bring all the pieces together, from keeping the delivery trucks rolling across a continent to managing orders online.
  • Built for rapid application development. New approaches and new mobile devices require more frequent software updates. A single database engine lets you adapt quickly, without many disparate parts to slow you down. And without having to rip and replace your existing software investment.

Our platform proves that big, complex systems don’t need a big, complex platform – just the opposite. Our technology delivers power though simplicity, with straightforward code pathways, so applications are more reliable, more available, and easier to manage.

Big Data, big paradigm shifts: mobile and cloud

With the advent of Big Data and the new paradigms of mobile and cloud computing, application developers today face big challenges.

You’ll make breakthroughs developing mobile applications for Big Data with our platform. It provides an advanced mobile framework that lets you extend your existing applications – giving users mobile access to all your rich enterprise data. Our presentation model renders screens for iOS and Android, giving you the best features of mobile devices. And the data model is portable from platform to platform.

Because so much Big Data resides in the cloud, we deliver breakthroughs for cloud computing as well. Whether it’s public or private cloud, hosted, on-premise or hybrid, we let you make that a business choice, while we take care of provisioning and horizontal scaling. We make it easy with templates to streamline the provisioning process.

Analytics with Big Data

Rearview-mirror analysis has its place. But what if you want to do more than simple queries, static reports, and colorful graphs and scatterplots? Analytics is all about data – not visualization tools.

Users are demanding more than dashboards. They want insights – based on timely, accurate, complete, and relevant data – to breathe some life into those static reports and dashboards. In a fast-paced, value-driven world, insights are needed to drive the right actions. And only actions drive results.

Our technology helps decision-makers take meaningful actions based on complete, up-to-date operational information, not data warehouses. Our real-time Active Analytics technology is seamlessly embedded in our platform. You’ll achieve breakthroughs by moving to the active dimension of analytics.