Empowering Healthcare to Improve Care Matters

The Transformation to Higher-Value, Sustainable Care

Healthcare is changing rapidly, driven by new technology and new models of care delivery and funding. While health funding and delivery differs around the world, the goals are the same. Create high value, sustainable healthcare systems where the ability to pay for care balances demand and desired outcomes.

Our vision for this transformation is simple

Empower care providers and connect care communities around clearly presented, easy-to-use, and comprehensive health information.

All of the top 15 hospitals on the U.S. News and World Report “Honor Roll of America’s Best Hospitals” use InterSystems technologies.

Connected care is empowered care

Comprehensive patient information, managed by InterSystems healthcare solutions, brings providers and patients together in a seamless, coordinated, care and management experience. Our products combine complete information, intuitive workflow, and embedded analytics to:

  • Empower individuals — where care providers have the timely and accurate information, tools and services they need to efficiently manage workload, improve workflow, and make the best care and business decisions. Patients become more engaged in their care with access to a comprehensive view of their health information and services including appointments, prescription refills, and communication with clinicians.
  • Connect care communities — where knowledge-driven, evidence-based care can be provided seamlessly across organizational and disciplinary boundaries.
  • Enable responsive organizations — where healthcare professionals can work effectively as individuals and as part of a coordinated team, with powerful, reliable software that keeps everyone working cooperatively while adapting to ongoing change.