Keeping the Business World Turning

Data is the lifeblood of business. Managing data – capturing, sharing, understanding, and acting upon it – is vital to the health of your business. It matters.

For over 35 years, InterSystems technology has powered data management in businesses around the world. You will find our technology helping to make a difference in virtually every endeavor imaginable – from finance to smart energy, retail to shipping, real estate to publishing; from harnessing Big Data and the Internet of Things to leveraging textual data in new and exciting ways.

Our clients, end user organizations and application vendors alike, create business solutions that matter, secure in the knowledge that their software will have built-in connectivity, reliability, and performance.

Empowering Business with a Data Platform Approach

The seamless combination of a high-performance, multi-model and multi-workload database with open interoperability and active analytics on both structured and unstructured data enables you to build business applications that can handle large volumes of data from any source at blinding speed, and provide users with insight at the point of action.

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