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TrakCare Modules

TrakCare provides a comprehensive set of clinical, administrative, departmental, and add-on modules providing a unified record for each patient, with advanced functionality to serve the needs of diverse care settings.

Core Within TrakCare

  • TrakCare’s Electronic Patient Record (EPR) captures the continuum of clinical and administrative information about a patient and contains patient demographics, medical history, previous admission, surgery and obstetric information. The medical history includes allergies, disease, family and social history. The EPR is automatically populated by relevant data entered anywhere within TrakCare or via integration with other healthcare applications.
  • Trakcare’s Master Patient Index (MPI) enables healthcare organizations to record an extensive range of socio-demographic information about a patient. Each patient is uniquely identified, enabling information to be efficiently organized, patients to be tracked across the organization, and information to be easily extracted when needed.

TrakCare Foundations

  • TrakCare Patient Administration Systems (PAS) Foundation provides core administrative management functionality for all patient populations. It includes inpatients, outpatients, medical records management with coding, and an administrative patient record with allergies, alerts, diagnosis entry, episode lists, order history, and patient history. Comprehensive admission, discharge, transfer, resource scheduling, and appointment booking as well as loan equipment functionality are key features.
  • TrakCare Clinical Information Systems (CIS) Foundation delivers the core functionality required for clinical patient management. It includes: care provider work lists and workbenches, clinical pathways, care planning and documentation, and a clinical electronic patient record with observations and doctor and nurse assessments. CIS enables care providers to organize and manage their daily work beginning with identification of what is being done and remains to be done for a patient under care, determining the patients’ current status, and taking action and documenting new care activity.

TrakCare Administrative Add-on Products

  • TrakCare Community Health gives healthcare professionals the tools needed to provide community-based patients/clients with the highest quality of care. It includes event management, contacts, loan equipment, brokerage, multi-disciplinary team support, and support for visiting nurses.
  • TrakCare Emergency Department facilitates efficient triaging and treatment of patients during an emergency attendance. It performs registration, movement and capture of care interventions, and ensures coordination and efficient management of emergency rooms, resources and clinical staff. It also supports Major Incidents.
  • TrakCare Referral and Waiting List Management is used to create, receive, review/triage, and process electronic and paper-based referrals from external and internal sources and to manage waiting lists.
  • TrakCare Patient Billing enables staff to coordinate and manage bills for different patient types and services. It includes payor policy coverage, recording charges, raising invoices, adjustments, deposits, and debtors.
  • TrakCare Mental Health Administration provides clinical and administrative functionality to record, track, manage and keep a history of a patient’s legal status including recording detainment for assessment and/or treatment, consent status, forms and reviews specific to government regulations.
  • TrakCare Vaccinations provides a comprehensive overview of a patient’s current vaccination status as measured against defined vaccinations schedules.
  • TrakCare Genogram enables care providers to access and create a structured visual representation of the relationships between patients and their family members, household relations or other close personal connections.
  • TrakCare Family Health supports social and community care health programs to promote services such as prevention, recovery, rehabilitation, and maintenance of good health.

TrakCare Clinical and Departmental Add-On Products

  • TrakCare Active Clinical Notes provides a central workspace for entering clinical documentation and initiating clinical activities. Active Clinical Notes presents a problem- oriented and timeline-based view of patient encounters.
  • TrakCare Discharge Summary simplifies the process of providing relevant clinical information for the continuation of care when a patient transitions from one provider or care setting to another.
  • TrakCare Ordering and Results Communications provides an efficient and safe mechanism for ordering diagnostic tests, treatments, and other clinical interventions or services together with functionality to document and share results or interpretations issued against an order.
  • TrakCare Oncology supports the treatment and management of oncology patients through enhanced tumor staging and oncology-specific interactive clinical pathways and care plans. Supports multi-disciplinary teams and oncology appointment booking.
  • TrakCare Radiology streamlines the work processes of a medical imaging department, allowing for easy and efficient order processing, authorization, and scheduling. It also provides capture of pre- and post-examination details, results reporting, transcription, verification and distribution.
  • TrakCare Operating Theater enables efficient coordination and management of theater rooms, resources and clinical staff and provides easy to use documentation tools for recording pre-operative, intra-operative, and post-operative surgical and anesthetic case details.
  • TrakCare Maternity dynamically records administrative and clinical data during the antenatal, intra-partum, and postnatal periods of a pregnancy.
  • TrakCare ICU provides functionality dedicated to ICU departments including ICU flow sheets for charting and a series of ICU specific assessments.
  • TrakCare Anesthesia delivers a comprehensive anesthetic record of all activity for a procedure during which the patient is anesthetized, including note taking, progressive one- touch medication administration, and flow sheets.
  • TrakCare Medication Management brings together patient data and decision support capabilities to enable safe and efficient electronic prescribing and administration.
  • TrakCare Advanced Medication Management includes all of the capabilities of Medication Management plus chemotherapy, sequence plan, order set narratives, ad mixtures, and ordering by pharmacological category.
  • TrakCare Pharmacy supports the dispensing activities of non-retail pharmacy departments within hospitals, including prescription/medication review, controlled drugs, drug manufacture, dispensing to meet clinical intent, and stock management.
  • TrakCare Clinical Specialties provide predefined content such as forms, favorites, order sets, nursing care plans, pathways, patient education materials, and images that are tailored to the needs of clinical specialties.

Additional Add-On Products

  • TrakCare Active Decision Support provides a fully integrated decision engine for creating user-defined targeted rules that drive decision support actions within TrakCare.
  • TrakCare Personal Community is a comprehensive patient engagement solution, based on InterSystems HealthShare technology, with automatic links to TrakCare data.
  • TrakCare Extended Analytics provides near real-time access to management and performance information through graphs and dashboards operating on the built-in TrakCare analytics data model. Based on InterSystems DeepSee active analytics technology , Extended Analytics includes predefined key performance indicators and dashboards for clinical and administrative data throughout the TrakCare system.
  • TrakCare Government Standards modules assist customers in producing government reports, connecting to key government applications and systems, and fulfilling other government mandates. Each module includes a country-specific list of reports, interfaces and other capabilities.
  • TrakCare EPR Connectivity is used to connect third-party information systems, and devices to TrakCare. EPR Connectivity includes a base component as well as a per-interface component for each connected application. EPR Connectivity includes the full range of TrakCare HL7 message types and the TrakCare Healthcare Messaging Framework for generating and consuming CDA in support of standards-based interoperability.
  • TrakCare Specialty Interfaces connect TrakCare with specialized data sources such as third- party clinical content.
  • TrakCare Additional Reports / Dashboards enables the purchase of client-specific reports or dashboards, developed by InterSystems, to supplement those provided as part of TrakCare.