You’ll make breakthroughs
in patient care

What Sets TrakCare Apart

The key to better patient care

More and more hospitals around the world are turning to TrakCare to create a connected care environment.

Imagine a World of Seamless Care.

Welcome to the World of InterSystems TrakCare.

For clinicians, working with TrakCare means less time spent searching for information, and more time spent with patients. Clinicians can work with complete patient records at any point of care, on any Internet-connected device.

Smart design provides a better experience for clinicians.  For example, the ability to manage and document clinical encounters from a single screen within a “problem-oriented context” guides faster, better decisions.  TrakCare automatically detects the type of device in use to optimize specific functionality, such as touch on a tablet or smartphone, for a more seamless and efficient user experience.

For IT staff, TrakCare offers a unique combination of advanced technology and our ARIES rapid implementation methodology for successful deployments. Since TrakCare is Internet-based, it provides the hardware cost benefits of a thin client while minimizing the IT and administrative overhead associated with software upgrades in a traditional client/server environment. Partnering with InterSystems eases the task of interfacing and interoperating with devices and other systems.