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Who uses HealthShare

Providers, payers and managed care organizations, health information networks, and developers use InterSystems HealthShare® to share health information, collaborate for better, safer care, and to create innovative solutions to healthcare challenges.


Hospitals, physician practices, and integrated delivery networks use HealthShare to share information within existing workflows to improve care coordination, care quality, and outcomes.

Payers and managed care organizations

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With healthcare per person expenditures continuing to expand, insurers, employers, governments and patients are looking for ways to get more from that spend. We all want better outcomes, for more people, at lower cost. Creating a connected care community that promotes collaboration and engagement among payers, providers and patients is one way to achieve these aims. Doing so requires a way for all participants in the care process to align around a common set of goals, supported by timely, comprehensive and meaningful information. This is the essence of proactive risk management and care collaboration, and HealthShare makes it possible.

Information networks

Health information exchanges (HIEs), regional health information organizations (RHIOs), eHealth initiatives, and regional patient registries use HealthShare for meaningful sharing of clinical information.


“Developers” refers to independent software vendors, software development inside healthcare delivery or payer organizations, and software development inside companies creating connectable devices for use across the care continuum. All of these developers use HealthShare to take the challenge out of creating connected, information-rich, non-stop healthcare solutions that can interoperate seamlessly with HealthShare and other products.