You’ll make breakthroughs
in connecting care

The Value of a Health Informatics Platform

InterSystems has provided the foundation for successful, connected healthcare innovation around the world for over 35 years. Our extensible HealthShare product family is built on our unified health informatics platform. This same platform lets you derive continuous incremental value from your solutions through your own application development, or by adding new, integrated capabilities created by one of our application partners.

The platform provides reliable, high-performance, and scalable technology for three key capabilities: data management; connectivity to applications, data sources, and devices; and creating insights from the data.

Powerful data management

Highly optimized for healthcare, our built-in data management technology understands health information in all its forms. HealthShare supports all data types — structured, unstructured, images, documents, messages — from clinical, administrative, and patient sources within a consistent, easy-to-manage environment.

Connecting people, places, and things

Our enterprise service bus technology provides rapid and reliable healthcare integration. With out-of-the-box support for global healthcare information protocols and messaging formats, HealthShare is the gold standard of interoperability.

Analytics inside

InterSystems analytics technology embeds powerful insight within all HealthShare solutions. Using HealthShare, you can deliver actionable information within clinical workflows, inform care coordination, and manage business processes with analytics created specifically for healthcare information.