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Implementation: The Path to Value

HealthShare enables us to support new initiatives with the speed and confidence that comes with its range of capabilities and scalability. Such agility is vital given the increasing complexity and changing nature of healthcare.

Scott Joslyn
MemorialCare Health System

The people using your healthcare information systems have different roles, different perspectives, and different visions of how those systems should serve them. So how do you deploy a solution everyone will value?

Our objective is to deliver true and meaningful value to support your strategic goals. So we engage with you on vision, execution and adoption to ensure implementation and solution success.

The Path to Value

Value begins with a shared vision. From the start of the project, we work with you to develop a compelling, shared vision. That vision describes not only the mature solution, but also measurable, incremental value points along the path to maturity. Your vision then drives the decisions and actions undertaken throughout the project so that everyone stays engaged, informed, and aligned.

Our execution strategy is designed to reduce uncertainty, risk, and complexity by using a proven software platform, providing a team of trained and certified implementation experts, and an established implementation methodology throughout the course of your project. Our track record for customer success spans more than three decades and is unmatched in the healthcare industry.

To be successful, a solution has to be used and valued. We provide a catalog of adoption blueprints, or recipes for success, and work closely with you to tailor them to your specific needs. We follow up by helping you carry out a successful adoption program.