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IHE Integration Statement & Certification

InterSystems IHE Integration Statement

InterSystems is committed to the IHE’s objectives which are focused on improving the ways in which computer systems in healthcare share information. IHE is becoming the de-facto means through which health information is exchanged, and InterSystems HealthShare® utilises IHE profiles extensively within its framework. InterSystems will continue to actively support IHE in its ongoing efforts to define and certify the standards that can transform sharing concepts into reality.

HealthShare is certified for Health IT interoperability by IHE USA and ICSA Labs

ICSA Labs Certified - IHE USA 2013HealthShare was among the first healthcare IT products to receive interoperability certification – helping healthcare organisations move forward on the path to connected care. This certification goes beyond what’s demonstrated at “Connect-a-thons,” being a more rigid demonstration of IHE testing and is much more reflective of being able to interoperate in the real world.

ICSA Labs Certified - IHE USA 2014Achieving interoperability across disparate systems and across organisations makes it possible to achieve the quality and safety benefits of a comprehensive, up-to-date electronic patient record.

HealthShare achieved certification following rigorous and thorough testing under the IHE IT Infrastructure Domain, which specifies capabilities related to interoperability, clinical-document sharing, patient identification, audit logging, and security.