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Healthcare organisations worldwide are charged with improving quality, accessibility, and efficiency. But better care isn’t easy. Populations are aging and growing numbers of patients have multiple chronic conditions. Medical knowledge is growing exponentially yet is difficult to harness. Funding is constrained at every level.

The vision behind InterSystems HealthShare is simple: Meet these challenges and transform care by sharing information and connecting communities. We call this strategic interoperability.

HealthShare is a family of products that enable your organisation to:

  • Capture health and health-related information from everyone involved
  • Share that information in a meaningful way among everyone in the care process
  • Analyse and understand all of the information, structured and unstructured
  • Act on that understanding to drive improvements in care and efficiency
What you can accomplish with HealthShare

When comprehensive health records are shared in a timely and meaningful way among providers, patients, information systems, and payers, the result is connected, holistic, and patient-centric solutions. HealthShare provides what you need to put this approach into practice. With HealthShare solutions you can:

  • Coordinate care and manage the health of populations
  • Improve communication among providers, community service agencies, care managers, patients and families
  • Connect healthcare devices, software and organisations
  • Enhance safety and reduce duplicative services by delivering comprehensive patient records and actionable information at the point of care
  • Build connected, information-rich, non-stop healthcare information technology solutions and services
  • Support national and regional health information exchange
  • Identify opportunities to enhance and optimise care processes and outcomes

HealthShare Products

The HealthShare product family includes:

Turning your vision into enduring value

The people using your healthcare information systems have different roles, different perspectives, and different visions of how those systems should serve them. So how do you deploy a solution everyone will value? Read about our approach to ensuring successful system deployments.